AI/Bots for the Travel Industry

Scale customer service like never before. Provide value-generating customer experience instantly and on multiple platforms.

Core Features

Natural, Conversational Language

Use “natural language” to power quick and easy conversational interactions with your users. Our solution simplifies almost any user request, delivering information using natural language.

Solve Critical Use Cases

Reduce call center costs related to flight alerts and flight cancellations (reacommodations) by pushing automated messages to users allowing them to quickly text back their decision.

Drive Revenue

Create a Personal Concierge-type service and invite users to purchases more services. Great when integrated with location/micro-location data to push offers at the right time, and the right way.

Enhance the User Experience

Drastically improve your passenger’s experience by intelligently offering a personalized (yet automatic) service to all of your users.

Connect on Multiple Platforms

Reach your customers on multiple platforms–Facebook Messenger, Slack, SMS, your website, your mobile app.

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