Real-Time Business Intelligence

Our real-time business intelligence tool based on in-venue surveys allows you to capture and analyze valuable feedback from your passengers in every step of their customer journey.

Core Features

Real-time Dashboard

Discover customer pain points and act on them immediately via our alerts system. Our realtime dashboard will give you interesting insights as to what your users are loving or what needs improvement.

Measure Anything

A data analyst fantasy–measure anything from check-in, through security checkpoints, to the in-flight experience. Want insights on what passengers think about the VIP lounge? The food on board? The restrooms at the airport? Run that survey today and get instant results.

Take Action Immediately

Our real-time dashboard allows you to immediately see where users are having a tough time and react immediately. From fixing a restroom to tweaking the food offerings, our BI tool means you have eyes on your operation like never before.

Capture Feedback On-Site

Our ridiculously simple, yet captivating surveys are so easy to understand and so instantaneous to operate, so users are more than willing to provide feedback. No long-form questions, typing answers, or filling in web surveys–capture valuable feedback where it matters: on-site.

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